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Pivotal Academy

” Focus is 90% Of Any Solution”
– Rob Norris

The Premiere Training Facility in America

Pivotal Solution’s training facility is 13,000 square feet of state-of-the-art functionality.  Two stories of open space, contemporary industrial styling provides a unique experience where the training is interactive and participation is enjoyable and memorable.  Pivotal’s main training room has an HD 15-foot video wall, and premium sound and video recording capabilities..

Pivotal LMS (On Demand Training)

The Pivotal Learning Management System is an online video curriculum with over 150 lessons to enhance the training experience used in onboarding. new policy rollout, live training reinforcement and best practice development.   Every area of the dealership can grow at their own pace and on their own devices.

Pivotal’s LMS platform is user-friendly, easy to navigate. The onboarding section of the training consists of several courses that cover compliance, product knowledge, objection handling, and more and is easily and quickly absorbed by the student through video instruction.

Our Clients Say it Best...

My people highly recommend the training of Pivotal Solutions. They say their option-selling psychology with the menu selling approach is a clean profit maker!
Bob Rohrman
Top 20 Dealer Groups in America
Pivotal Solutions not only holds everyone in your dealership accountable, they will absolutely take you to the next level with their exceptional training. FOCUS = dollars!
Ray Skillman
Largest Dealer Group in Indianapolis