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Pivotal Solutions offers a complete line of products from several national administrators. Our products are customized per dealer group, and we have support for your team 24 hours a day.


Pivotal Solutions is proud to offer the BEST Vehicle Service Contract solutions. Our VSC’s have wrap plans available for most manufacturers with extended Powertrain warranties.

Highlights of the program include:

• Three types of coverage from Exclusionary to Powertrain for both new and used cars. New car coverage for time/ mileages ranging from 45,000 miles to 150,000 miles and from 3 years to 10 years are offered; Used car coverage ranges from 12 months to 48 months and from 12,000 miles to 48,000 miles.

• Unlimited Mileage Plans (named component coverage) provide unlimited mileage coverage, and are available up to 24 months on used vehicles with no more than 80,000 miles on the odometer at the time of purchase.

Future contract guarantee (not available in CA or NV)

5-in-1 BUNDLE

Pivotal’s Bundled protection package is the BEST in the industry and was one of the first!

• Tire Replacement Repair or replacement from damages to your tires.

• Wheel/Rim Protection Repair or replacement from damages to your wheels.

• Mounting & Balancing Reimbursement for the cost of mounting balancing and any local or taxes.

• Roadside Assistance Towing (up to 25 miles) and comprehensive 24/7 ERS

• Windshield Repair Repair of front windshield chips or cracks.

• Paintless Dent Repair Permanently removes door dings and minor dents.

• Key Replacement Replacement key/remote, and reprogramming.


In the United States alone a vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds. That’s over 1 million vehicles every year. Most are never recovered.

Pivotal Security uses a Traceable Theft Protection Program which permanently imprints a special identification code on up to six body panels of your vehicle. This makes the vehicle traceable by police, so the thieves cannot sell it, because no one will risk buying it.

THEFT Program Available Coverages:

$5,000 Total Loss Benefit!! Vehicle Stolen • Not Recovered

$1,000 Deductible/Repair Benefit!
Vehicle Stolen • Recovered

Trip Interruption Benefits:
• $1,000 Travel Allowance
• $1,000 Airfare Allowance 
• $500 Rental Car Allowance


Gap is a unique coverage program that protects you from financial disaster in case your vehicle is stolen or totaled. Pivotal Gap Protection Program, which covers a vehicle 100% in case the vehicle is stolen or totaled. Even the deductible is covered! Fast response and excellent service are just two reasons why millions of motorists rely on Pivotal Solutions for on-the-road protection.


A Vehicle Service Contract with the most comprehensive coverage to protect your high mileage used car purchase.

Comprehensive coverage for vehicles up to 13 years old with up to 150,000 miles.

Powertrain Plus
Engine Group, Transmission Group, Drive Axle, Cooling, Electrical, Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Vehicle Premium
Brakes, Front Suspension, Steering, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Fuel Components, Anti-Lock Brake System and more.


A professionally applied system maintains your vehicle’s “showroom new” inside and out.

Environmental Paint Protection

Pivotal Appearance Protection System protects a vehicle against:
• Acid rain
• Inclement weather elements
• Tree sap
• Bird droppings
• UV sun rays

Fabric Protection:

Fabric requires care and protection especially when it’s under constant use day in and day out. Pivotal protects against most fast-foods stains, i.e. soda, coffee, mustard, ketchup, french fries!

Leather & Vinyl:

Leather and vinyl not protected can be damaged by fast food stains. Harmful U.V. rays from the sun can also affect the appearance of your leather and vinyl. Pivotal knows protection means added value for your vehicle.



Windshield Protection is an advanced multi-step, professionally applied system for your new vehicle’s windshield.


 New Vehicles

 Pre-Driven Vehicles

 Lease Vehicles*

 5 year term*


Convenient Payment Solutions that fit the lifestyles of today’s consumers.  

Build Equity Faster

Improve trade-in position sooner

Helps improve credit score with consistent on-time payments

Save money in interest payments

Reinsurance Management

If your Dealership offers Vehicle Service Contracts, Limited Warranty’s, and/or Collateral Protection, you can profit from a Reinsurance Company. Franchise Dealers, Independents, and Buy Here Pay Here Dealers across the country are currently earning profits not available without a Reinsurance Company. Underwriting Profit, Investment Income, and Tax Advantages are the cornerstone to added wealth. Pivotal Solutions is highly experienced in working hand-in-hand with auto dealers, helping to create a program, set-up the corporation, administer the claims and help with accounting services and tax returns. Your dealership can hang on to additional extended warranty profits without having the burden of additional liability or extra paperwork.